The Changes in Lingerie Fashions

Through the years lingerie styles and fashions have definitely changed, especially since the first lingerie article was introduced way back during the eighteenth century until today in the twenty-first century.Throughout the centuries, fashion styles in regard to lingerie has been switching between the feminine and boyish, the painful and the very practical. Forever gone are the days of those cone-shaped bust, wasp lined waist, and the false buttocks. In today’s world, lingerie is the most beautiful, luxurious, and feminine clothing that can be worn intimately and appreciated for its practicality and its comfort as we look back in time and reflect on the most noticeable changes in lingerie styles. The very first pieces of lingerie underwear can be traced all the way back to the ancient civilization of Egypt and Greece, where the women of Crete had to wear corsets to support their breasts.During the eighteenth century the history of underwear was considered to be some what ancient with their padded silhouettes with their flat stomachs, narrow waists, and cone-shaped bust as fashion was way back when. The corset, which was actually the most essential part of any woman’s wardrobe during that time. The corset gave the bodies of every woman unnatural shapes, which mainly compressed their internal organs and often times caused them to faint. During this period, lingerie mostly consisted of excessive use of satin, silk, and damask that was decorated with embroidery, ribbons, and laces, which created the effect of its artistry.As the nineteenth century came along this point of time was typically dictated to women’s bodies that were being controlled by corsets, crinolines, and bustles. This is when the s-shaped silhouette was first introduced. The corset with a bustle in the back made a woman sit with the very tip of her derriere on the edge of their chair, which many women felt was totally uncomfortable. Women had to wear about five pounds of underwear during this period of time. They typically wore knickers, corsets, camisoles, and waist slips, with the corsets themselves being even tighter than ever. The crinoline, which was designed to support by yards of fabric, tended to completely exaggerate a women’s figure.With the twentieth century came lingerie that became much more simpler as well as practical. Corsets were finally substituted for a much more flexible girdle with a much more modern bra. Lingerie finally came out during this period with fabulous paste colors and during the year 1910 the boyish silhouettes were finally in as part of the fashion world. The boyish silhouette was a look for women to have, which caused an impression of having no waist, no hips, and no bottom. During the 1930s, femininity finally came back with the girlish silhouette as women once again began wearing corsets, which consisted of a rounded and bust-emphasizing brassiere and girdle with garters. Additionally, one-piece corsets continued to be widely used around the world and panties grew smaller and smaller and eventually took the shape of bikini briefs.The twenty-first century world of fashion, pushed women to show off their underwear as outerwear, which became known as visual enjoyment of their partner. Lingerie began being thought of by many women as their a second skin with all tastes and wishes being catered for by the world of lingerie. Women were finally free in their lingerie choices more than ever.