The Changes in Lingerie Fashions

Through the years lingerie styles and fashions have definitely changed, especially since the first lingerie article was introduced way back during the eighteenth century until today in the twenty-first century.Throughout the centuries, fashion styles in regard to lingerie has been switching between the feminine and boyish, the painful and the very practical. Forever gone are the days of those cone-shaped bust, wasp lined waist, and the false buttocks. In today’s world, lingerie is the most beautiful, luxurious, and feminine clothing that can be worn intimately and appreciated for its practicality and its comfort as we look back in time and reflect on the most noticeable changes in lingerie styles. The very first pieces of lingerie underwear can be traced all the way back to the ancient civilization of Egypt and Greece, where the women of Crete had to wear corsets to support their breasts.During the eighteenth century the history of underwear was considered to be some what ancient with their padded silhouettes with their flat stomachs, narrow waists, and cone-shaped bust as fashion was way back when. The corset, which was actually the most essential part of any woman’s wardrobe during that time. The corset gave the bodies of every woman unnatural shapes, which mainly compressed their internal organs and often times caused them to faint. During this period, lingerie mostly consisted of excessive use of satin, silk, and damask that was decorated with embroidery, ribbons, and laces, which created the effect of its artistry.As the nineteenth century came along this point of time was typically dictated to women’s bodies that were being controlled by corsets, crinolines, and bustles. This is when the s-shaped silhouette was first introduced. The corset with a bustle in the back made a woman sit with the very tip of her derriere on the edge of their chair, which many women felt was totally uncomfortable. Women had to wear about five pounds of underwear during this period of time. They typically wore knickers, corsets, camisoles, and waist slips, with the corsets themselves being even tighter than ever. The crinoline, which was designed to support by yards of fabric, tended to completely exaggerate a women’s figure.With the twentieth century came lingerie that became much more simpler as well as practical. Corsets were finally substituted for a much more flexible girdle with a much more modern bra. Lingerie finally came out during this period with fabulous paste colors and during the year 1910 the boyish silhouettes were finally in as part of the fashion world. The boyish silhouette was a look for women to have, which caused an impression of having no waist, no hips, and no bottom. During the 1930s, femininity finally came back with the girlish silhouette as women once again began wearing corsets, which consisted of a rounded and bust-emphasizing brassiere and girdle with garters. Additionally, one-piece corsets continued to be widely used around the world and panties grew smaller and smaller and eventually took the shape of bikini briefs.The twenty-first century world of fashion, pushed women to show off their underwear as outerwear, which became known as visual enjoyment of their partner. Lingerie began being thought of by many women as their a second skin with all tastes and wishes being catered for by the world of lingerie. Women were finally free in their lingerie choices more than ever.

Burlesque Fashions – A History of Burlesque and Its Costumes

Burlesque & pinup fashions are suddenly all over the Internet. The original burlesque designs with their risqué overtones have become the fun fashion, being adapted and adopted by rockabilly. Almost every city now hosts regular burlesque events where not just the performers, but the audience gets to dress the part as well.Origins of burlesque – lingerie on show!The word burlesque probably derives from the French, which describes a piece of slightly outrageous, humorous art. The term burlesque originally applied to shows intended for middle or lower classes. Such shows lampooned upper class niceties and parodying upper class entertainments like opera & dance. Such music and comedy shows and plays grew in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic during the nineteenth century. In Victorian England, where even “a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking”, burlesque challenged its audience by offering rather more than a “glimpse of stocking” – the lure of young ladies appearing in tights and lingerie! Certainly demure by today’s standards these slightly suggestive interludes certainly boosted the popularity of burlesque. Lydia Thompson took a burlesque troupe, called the British Blondes to New York near the end of the 1860s where they were an immediate hit. At first they were feted by the press, but before long strident voices, from the pulpit and the papers were complaining of loose morals and indecency. The result of all this adverse publicity was to spread the word about burlesque far and wide in America effectively having the reverse effect to that desired by burlesque’s critics – female burlesque troupes with close copies of the original British act sprung up around the country.These shows owed a great deal of their structure to the minstrel shows of the time and generally consisted of three parts – the initial section featuring the ladies, the middle section was a mix of male comedians and specialty acts and the final part the grand finale. Copying Lydia Thompson’s lead, most of the troupes had female managers. However towards the end of the nineteenth century, as male managers took over, they switched the emphasis away from comedy to push boundaries, determined to show as much uncovered female flesh as the laws would allow.This form of entertainment metamorphosed in the early twentieth century into a mix of music hall, satire and striptease. During the twenties the bias continued inexorably towards striptease and away from the accompanying elements. This shift doubtlessly was burlesque’s downfall; by the thirties the popularity of burlesque waned as a social reaction against what had become slightly tawdry striptease shows. Local authorities were no longer as tolerant of this entertainment, which had lost much of its music hall variety flavor.New BurlesqueIn the mid nineteen nineties the genre was resurrected, with troupes in the USA, and the trend has snowballed over to the UK. Now, once more on both sides of the channel, it is possible to see shows equal in glamour, bawdiness and variety to equal the art form in its heyday in clubs and theatres in major cities. Arguably the Internet has played a major part to spread the interest in the genre. There are websites, such as Ministry of Burlesque dedicated to promoting it, to teaching dance, makeup and fashion.Burlesque lingerie fashionThe mainstay of this style is lingerie and modern burlesque generally concentrates on the fifties and to a lesser degree the forties look. This extends not only to clothing, but hats, footwear and makeup too. There have always been fans of fifties silk and nylon stockings. When pantyhose all but killed the stocking market vast numbers of stocking mills closed. Their huge stocking machines were destroyed and along with it the expertise to manufacture fully-fashioned stockings. Now the few remaining machines are being reconditioned and brought back into service to once more produce copies of the fifties seamed stockings. However a few companies trading online still have limited supplies of the original fifties stockings so the purists can satisfy their need to the ‘real thing’ rather than the modern copies. Sadly, once that depleting stock is exhausted, they will only be viewable in museums and private collections.However, for burlesque stage performance it is the fishnet tights or pantyhose that are still really popular.Companies are making exact copies both of retro costumes and burlesque accessories, from ostrich feather fans to bullet bras, sensing an opportunity not to be missed, are enticing. Even well-known burlesque artists are being enticed by lingerie brands to lend their names and expertise to burlesque-inspired lingerie designs.Burlesque is eagerly embraced by all physiques, from plus size to skinny-minny, proving how empowering it can be to women – all physiques are equally welcomed, but there is not set ‘burlesque costume’ either. It is very common for burlesque artists to take everyday lingerie, adapt it by sewing on sequins to devise their own unique take on burlesque. However the common thread that runs through the new outfits, going right back to the earliest days of the art form is the element of ‘tease’, the showing of rather more lingerie and stocking tops that would normally be seen in everyday life.Rockabilly fashionOver the years a number of fashion styles have grown towards each other, oft times overlapping. The word rockabilly was used around the mid forties and was a blend of hillbilly and rock and roll music styles. Today’s pinup photographers generally recreate the stylish fifties imagery which overlaps but is distinct from rockabilly. Many rockabilly enthusiasts have tattoos and piercings, and that certainly was never a fad of the fifties, but a modern phenomenon.Pinup fashionThe term pinup also has blurred origins, covering photos of movie stars from around the thirties and forties, but also the airbrushed fantasy women gracing men’s magazines by such exponents as Petty and Elvgren. The fashions often featured nylons and lingerie, sometimes being exposed by a sudden unexpected gust of wind or other ‘mishap’ that befell the model. The intention was actually to reveal very very little by today’s standards. It is a certainty that pinup art, with the sexy lingerie has strongly influenced the outfits adopted by many of today’s burlesque artists.

Regardless Of Your Body Size There Are Fashions Available For You

Most people would like to change things about their bodies, for many there is more than one thing, most of us have several areas we would like to change or improve. What would you want to change about yours?Many people think they are too large and some think they are too skinny, I know people on both ends of the spectrum. I know women who think their breasts are too small and others who think they need a reduction. Some people want their rears to be smaller and in some cases it is just genetics and can’t be helped. In too many cases people just don’t have the money to get surgery that will make the changes or they don’t have the time or the devotion to stick to an exercise plan that will help them make the changes. If this is the case for you, don’t despair you can still change your appearance by wearing the appropriate clothing.Hot styles and fashion trends are not just for the Barbie and Ken look-alikes. Even though some people think that only so called perfect people can take advantage of the latest fashions, in reality there is no such thing and this is why clothing comes in so many different sizes and styles. As the population has grown to be heavier, there are numerous designers that have began to make clothing to fit these larger individuals.On the other end of the scale there are also lots of trendy styles available for the petite body type as well. There are specialty shops that cater only to the petite body types in styles for work, casual and athletic wear.Another body type that finds the need for specialty clothing is the athletic or muscular body type. I have been involved in weightlifting and bodybuilding for over 30 years and have built my structure to the point where I have difficulty finding clothes off the rack and must seek clothing that is made for more athletic body types. There is a whole line of suits for example, that are cut specifically for the athletic body type. These designers do not limit their business to men; there are companies that specialize in clothing for athletic women as well.For those who are considered to be plus size, there are now entire clothing lines that have been created just for your body type and now they come in trendy fashion styles so you do not have to put up with wearing clothes that are not stylish. Oversized clothing years ago just looked like tents that were just made to give freedom of movement, plus sized garments today are just as stylish as those for the general population.The examples I have shown above should show that you can find stylish clothing for work, casual wear, and gym wear for any body types.